15 CRM integrations that automate the work routine

Combining the structures and processes of the company into a single system is not in vain in the trend. In such an environment, the risk of data loss is reduced, time is reduced and efficiency is increased. Why integrate CRM with third-party services Now more and more companies are inclined to maximize the optimization of the workflow with the help of IT solutions, including bundles of CRM with other products.

Why find an author - a heartbreaking drama? Experience glavreda "Texterra"

My name is Konstantin Rudov. I am the chief editor of this blog, and I have a problem. We need new blood, but the search for suitable candidates is given with great difficulty. Now I will tell you what to face in the harsh reality. Stop. Maybe work with a team of regular authors and relax? If you want to make a cool blog that will constantly maintain the interest of readers, this will not work.

Expert articles from non-expert: how to show aerobatics

You must have come across a situation where people come to you with a project about which topic you do not know anything. Yes, and asked to make the material expert. It was? How many times have you taken an order to work and failed? In the article I will tell you how to competently build a process and hand over quality material. Based on real events: personal experience, proven methods and examples.

25 best Texterra articles for 2018

By tradition, at the end of the year, everyone is summing up. It’s our turn! In the beginning we will go through the main events that took place in the company this year. In September, we launched our own online courses and founded the TeachLine training center. They released the first stream of the courses “Internet marketing” and “Content marketing”, started the training of the second flows, and also launched the course “UX-specialist”.

Invisible Content Syndrome: Treatment and Prevention

Have you ever thought your blog seemed invisible? You spend days and nights creating and improving your posts: pour your emotions and creativity into each article, share all your discoveries with readers, try to negotiate guest posts with famous bloggers, post your articles on social networks, write only on current topics and Constantly refer to experts in your industry, hoping to get their attention in this way.