How to use customer contact points to boost sales

Contact points are points of contact between a client and a company or a specialist, influencing the decision to start or continue cooperation, to buy goods or to refuse them. How to find and work out business-critical points of contact? For companies or entrepreneurs working online, there are several key points of contact: social networks - pages, posts, replies to comments and posts from users, advertising, guest posts, etc.

What is a product card and how to issue it: 29 elements of success

What do you know about the item card? You can know what it is, what elements in it should be. You can guess how to position them correctly, so as not to spoil the conversion. Maybe you even know that you need to carry out A / B-testing of various parts of it. You understand for sure that large and high-quality pictures are undoubtedly a plus, but, most likely, you do not have a clear idea of ​​what exactly you should definitely have in the correctly made product card.

[Discussion] Anglicisms VS Clean Language

Many have got "insights", "experiences" and other "levelapy". 4 of our employees shared their views on English words in speech and texts. Let's collect a lively experience on this topic. We invite in the comments. Among marketers, it has always been customary to use English words wherever one can say in Russian.

What punctuation marks to put at the end of a headline

There are five punctuation marks that appear at the end of headings: period, exclamation and question marks, ellipsis and a colon. We will understand which of them and when it is worth using. Dot Until the 1930s, the dot at the end of the title was considered the norm, now it’s a blunder. In the "Corrector Reference" L.

What content is perceived by people as useful?

Many Internet marketers understand: there is nothing more effective than content that the audience finds useful to them. It is he who generates sales and increases sales. But to create it, you first need to understand what kind of content your audience finds useful. We offer you 12 characteristics of such content.

Copywriter, get away from the entrepreneur

Classic: the author decided to leave the stock exchange for free swimming and starts looking for entrepreneurs. Such a strategy seems logical - just look at the sites of colleagues guaranteeing the conversion, and read a couple of tips from the gurus. There are two shaky ways for yesterday's exchange trader: Search for orders in social networks. Due to inexperience, they are faced with scammers and dealers, losing time and money.