[IRL] "I am a beginner, I really want to work": where to go to the beginning copywriter

Digital niche overheated.
Nobody needs the lyrics.
Copywriters earn pennies.

Such thoughts arise after studying thematic groups and forums. Copywriters hundreds, almost all of their sites or groups. Even on the stock exchange for orders of 50 rubles performers stand in a queue. And scammers, scammers everywhere. Every day, in freelance groups, someone does not pay for the project or is bred for a free test.

I do not exaggerate for the sake of word (sorry for the tautology). This is what copywriting looks like through the eyes of newbies. I have long been moderating the “Overheard. Copywriting” group and periodically my novice colleagues write me - evaluate the text or just ask for advice. And many come precisely with such beliefs, which I wrote above. I understand them perfectly. The desire to work kill not so difficult tasks as the lack of perspective.

In fact, everything is not so bad. Copywriting is still in demand, and will always be in demand (or, at least, until neural networks surpass people in intelligence and learn to generate compelling content). Because the texts are primary, everything is wound around them - design, video, banners, all sorts of ... At least, I have not seen a single advertising campaign without any text at all. If you find, show.

I wouldn’t talk about it if my colleagues and clients (current and former) wouldn’t ask from time to time to recommend suitable copywriters. It would seem that there are thousands of performers on the same stock exchange, choose any. But someone does not fit into the timeline, someone fixated on the position "I am an artist, I see it, and I turned your edits," someone just writes badly. In order not to sit without work, it is enough just not to fall into these categories.

The first rule of a beginner is work! If you cannot find it for a long time, it means that you are looking for something wrong or not there.

Where to looking for

At these sites are more likely to find a project with a good payment or a permanent job with a full load (remotely or offline):

Chat Rooms in Telegram. Sometimes I regret that at one time underestimated this social network. Many "fat" projects first appear in the telegram channels, and only then fly away on the VC and every haha.ru. Here are my top channels with job opportunities. If you know more, share in the comments:

  • Bounty hunter @theyseeku.
  • Jobs and resumes from digital @seohr.
  • Distance @distantsiya.
  • Digital vacancies in Telegram @vacanciesrus.

Sites of digital agencies and web studios. Look for the section "Jobs". He often hides under other sections - for example, "About us" or "Team". Even if there are no open vacancies of a copywriter or an SMM specialist, but there are similar, for example, a content manager, it already makes sense to write and offer your services. Portal Rating or Tagline portals will help find major agencies. At one time, I was shocked how many web agencies in Russia.

Section "Frames" on Sostav.ru. Here periodically publish fresh projects from proven employers, no sharashkinnyh offices. Mostly looking for full time, but sometimes come across and vacancies for freelancers.

By the way, about fulltime. If the vacancy does not indicate "Office Only", it is quite possible that the company also considers remote employees. Do not let the "full day" mark stop you, it is often written for a tick.

And here you can throw a network (that is, a resume) and wait for customers:

  • Exchange "Glavred."
  • "Avito" (section "Services").
  • Profile communities ("Distance", "Kadrof", etc.).

To be honest, I did not try to post a resume, but many colleagues were catching so good projects. For example, a regular client came to the same girl from the Glavred Exchange. At the same time, it was almost in the tail of the rating, with a rather modest portfolio on the background of the “tops” exchange.

The second rule of a newbie is to use all the ways to find customers. Respond to vacancies and post your resume on all relevant sites.

What is not worth the time and effort

Prokachka rating on the stock exchange. Any. Because there is no fish (s). Exchange orders are needed to get a hand and not die of hunger as long as you do not acquire regular customers (if all of a sudden copywriting is the only source of income in the family).

Own blog or group. 90% of the copyright "houses", which I saw - a very dull substance. In the cap a short story about yourself, on the wall posts about how to write texts, sometimes there are selfies on slippers with philosophical discourses about life or refusal texts. Among the subscribers are colleagues and relatives who definitely do not need the services of the owner.

As for me, this is a waste of time. VKontakte group can be used exclusively as a platform for a portfolio - so many of my colleagues do. But she will not bring customers to a newcomer.

Free trainings and marathons. The purpose of such events is to promote the purchase of a paid course. Of course, you can get some crumbs of useful information on free-of-charge, but it is easier and faster to find it in free access (at least in this blog). And free training is like a drug for some. They enthusiastically do their homework, connect with colleagues, the same newcomers, lovingly saw their groups a la "Masha Petrova is a business copywriter." All this moving lamp, but, alas, completely unprofitable.

Exchange Thinking

Speaking of novice copywriters, it is impossible to remain silent about the exchanges. This is the only more or less stable source of orders for a beginner. I have already written about the pros and cons of specific exchanges, so I will not repeat.

With the help of one info-businessman, the phrase "exchange thinking" went to the masses. Many copywriters take offense at it, but the bitter truth is better, as they say. Authors with stock thinking consciously underestimate the value of their work. "We are not a guru, we are paid for kinoznaki, not for texts." "This guru takes more than 100 rubles per kilo, and we are ordinary people" ("guru" therefore, unusual people, magic). "We are good here too." “Well, let Vasya earn a million, and I need enough tens per month, because I still have a husband and children's payments” - this is what stock exchange thinking looks like.

Even people who work for a long time on the stock exchange perceive it as a direct employer, forgetting that this is just a platform for the meeting of authors and customers. Sometimes it is ridiculous: I saw people discussing the income of the founder of this very exchange in the public of a large stock exchange. The authors complain that the conditional Ivanovich earns millions, and they work for pennies. People do not understand or do not want to understand that the exchange is not a charitable organization. Like any business, it must be profitable for its creators, and all its work is built around it. A bright sign of the stock market thinking is to think that the stock exchange should owe you something: raise the minimum salary, withdraw money faster, etc. No, it owes nothing to anyone. The owner can even curtail the project tomorrow and move to Bali.

The third rule of a newbie is to sift out the stock market thinking. You can always earn more if you want.

How to increase income by working on the stock exchange

Someone will say: it is easy to be clever when you work in a large agency. But all were once new, no one was born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

The fourth rule for a newbie is to divide time for work and job search.

Time is a mega important resource for the author. Many newcomers do not sit on the beans because the unlucky or write poorly, they just do not know how to distribute time. No need to choose between your current job and job search - do both.

Every day, set aside 1 hour to search. This time can be cut off from sleep or household chores. You can even scroll vacancies in bed. Be careful and do not fall for the scam.

First work, then search.. And nothing else. Otherwise, there is a high risk of sticking and nothing to catch.

To avoid burnout, regulate working time, as in offline. For example, work with current orders every day for at least 5 hours, no more and no less. Setting a daily minimum for earnings is a controversial idea. If you fail to do it several times, hello apathy and disappointment in your abilities. It is better to be attached to the working time, not money.

5 hours of work on the stock exchange + 1 hour of searching for orders at higher prices is, in my opinion, the optimal pumping formula for a beginner. Try to follow it at least for two weeks, and I am sure that you will catch some good projects.

Good luck, young Padawan!

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