What content is perceived by people as useful?

Many Internet marketers understand: there is nothing more effective than content that the audience finds useful to them. It is he who generates sales and increases sales. But to create it, you first need to understand what kind of content your audience finds useful. We offer you 12 characteristics of such content.


    Useful content is ...

    1. Content focused exclusively on your target audience. If you write "for all" - you write "for no one."

    2. Solving people's problems. Understand what are the pressing problems of the representatives of your target audience - and propose solutions.

    3. Affecting on an emotional level. Many of our decisions, no matter how we feel otherwise, are made under the influence of emotions. Cause people's "right" emotions.

    4. Describing recognizable situations. What do your target audience members face every day or often enough? If you know the answer to this question - you have a trump card in your hands. Describe the situations in which your readers recognize themselves, their lives. If people realize that their experience is similar to yours, they begin to assume that you can give them a lot of useful things, since you understand their lives and concerns well.

    5. Content in which you share interesting stories with people.

    6. Describing the best practices, offering the most effective solutions to complex problems.

    7. Not telling, but "showing". No need to say: our company is a team of professionals. Need to say: we have 150 successful projects, and they are successful because ...

    8. Content in which complex things are explained simply.

    9. Content that answers your audience’s questions to you. Ask your sales department what questions customers often ask them. Answer these questions.

    10. Content created on the border of several genres. Do not be afraid to mix different types of content. Illustrate the text with infographics with step by step instructions if you are writing a review of a new digital gadget. Make videos part of your text. Use any formats that can increase the audience’s interest in the material: if you are describing a dialogue, for example, with one of your clients, why not do it in a comic format?

    11. Cool content. Content, causing an attack of laughter, I want to immediately share in social networks. There is, of course, one "but": often, entertainment materials generate a lot of rassharivaniya and likes (people like the humor and surprise), but do not generate leads. Don't let that bother you. This is only at first glance, the content written "for fun" is useless from the point of view of lead generation. Indirectly, such materials also work on lead generation: if you become interested in one material on your blog, the user goes to read others.

    12. Content that you want to show friends and acquaintances. This is perhaps the surest sign that people find your material useful. The number of shareings - strive to increase it.

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