Customer vs. copywriter: problems of effective interaction

The rapid development of technology has translated the markets into virtual space. The main tool of promotion in it, as in the good old offline, is the text. A copywriter who is able to write texts that protect competitors, and a customer interested in such texts cannot exist without each other. The potential of their cooperation is landings, offers, mailing letters and the millionth profit from sales that hit right into the target. However, the reality makes its own adjustments. The scope of services to which copywriting relates is related to the personal communication between the customer and the contractor. Here the inevitable interaction of personal qualities, ideas and expectations of each of the parties. In addition, the entrepreneurial interests of the customer and the copywriter overlap: one wants to buy cheaper and get faster, the other - sell more expensive and perform longer. Since a copywriter is a profession that has appeared in Russia not so long ago, an understanding of what a copywriter should do and how each has his own, which creates additional ground for disagreement. How to resolve all these contradictions?

Copywriting customers

The text of applications read diagonally

Distraction suffers copywriters of both sexes, of different ages and with different professional experience. Or maybe they are in a hurry because they want to beat the competition.

Customer Experience:

Professional day with fire you will not find

Each customer wants to get cool text for the site, landing, distribution, pages in the social network, forcing the reader immediately, without delay, go to the "Contacts" section and call, write, order. The text should be beautiful, emotional, easily readable, consistent with the spirit of the company or its owner and not too long. It should be written in the shortest possible time (preferably a day or two) and be inexpensive (about 50 rubles per thousand characters).

Freelance exchanges - the best option for prices and the number of potential performers. The application has been submitted, a dozen or two responses have been received, the performer has been selected, work begins. The day comes "X" - deadline. Ready text comes. Further, like Chekhov, silence.

To fix it is impossible to find another - each customer solves this dilemma in his own way. After going through a certain number of candidates, the customer chooses a new performer, assigns him the task and waits for the result - already with a slight nervousness. The text comes better than the first, but still not what I would like. The customer tries for the third, fourth, fifth time, appeals to colleagues and acquaintances. In the end, finds an acceptable option. But the sediment in the form of mistrust of copywriters remains: "There are none of them, professionals."

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Style is not mine

The text was written in time, it contains all the necessary information, it is easy to read, but ... the customer has no soul for it. What is wrong, it is even difficult for him to formulate in words. Something like that:

The text is, but no sales

Many customers are still confident: text is the key to sales. When you begin to explain to them that the text is only part of the promotion system, important, but not working by itself without other components - design, SEO, targeting, etc., they react in a hurt, annoyed manner, and sometimes they directly accuse the copywriter of incompetence.

One owner of the recreation center persistently asked to name the number of bookings that posts in the Vkontakte group will bring in a month. Having received the answer that it is impossible to name such a number, he became indignant and declared that the copywriter would not be able to deceive him.


Go there, I do not know where, bring it, I do not know what

If the customer is unable or unwilling to formulate the TZ copywriter, the probability that he does not know what result he wants to get at the output is 99.9%.

The CEO of the auditing company decided to write a business guide book on how to collect debts and get out of the debt crisis. A copywriter was selected who, based on the records of the customer’s speeches at the seminars, wrote chapters of the book on a given structure and sent them to the customer for approval. In cases where there was not enough materials, the customer prepared them and sent them to the copywriter on the go. After two and a half months, all the separately agreed chapters of the book were sent to the customer in assembled form. The customer accepted the work, but stated that he did not like the text. After some time, the work on the book began again, by another copywriter ...

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If I tell everything, it's easier for me to write

It is even sadder if the customer avoids answering the questions of the copywriter about his target audience, the benefits of the product and service, promotion tools, partners and competitors, etc. “Why do you need this?” - the customer is perplexed. “You are writing the text, not a novel about my business.” The request of the copywriter to make the technical task is even more surprising. "You are a professional, you know how to do it, make your own."

An experienced copywriter after such entry refuses to cooperate, a less experienced one takes risks and undertakes. What is the result - it is not difficult to predict.

Why so expensive?

A copywriter that is good in all respects: the portfolio is impressive, the reviews are convincing ... One problem, for some reason, asks for the work not 50 rubles per 1000 characters, but several times more. Is it really so expensive to write a text, the customer is outraged. More often it refers to those not experienced in the field of promotion, but there are still quite a few of these. Or the customer rushes to the other extreme, believing that high cost guarantees quality.

That's what copywriters think about this.

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Confusion in terms

Some customers prefer to call any text an article - be it text for a website or a blog, a post on a social network or a press release. In order to figure out what he really needs, you have to ask a dozen questions, and sometimes redo the already prepared text.

There is a lot of confusion in the definition of the copywriter: someone calls them writers or even rewriters, whereas all this is a matter of different things.

Opinion of a specialist who visited on both sides of the barricades.

“In the Russian Federation, almost no one understood what copywriting is, and now few people understand it. With rare exceptions, the notions of writer and copywriter are replaced.

In the original, a copywriter - in fact, a person who writes advertising texts, sells using the printed word. Paying for a thousand characters is not something out of place here, it’s just insulting :) Mostly everyone is dealing with writers - people who fill sites, communities in social networks, etc. "

Understand this and copywriters.

Mr Two percent

Instead of a specific amount of payment, some offer the copywriter a percentage of sales that will go off after the text is written and published on the site. What can you say?

Ways to resolve contradictions

Search not where it is light

The exchanges are good for beginners gaining experience. It makes sense for customers to select performers for one-time and simple tasks. Professionals for serious and long-term cooperation are found elsewhere:
  • Specialized public in social networks: the community project "Distance", "On the distance", etc.
  • Professional chat rooms (for example, Telegram chat).
  • Recommendations of colleagues and acquaintances.
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Educational program for customer and copywriter

A professional copywriter, plunging into the topic, is exploring the sphere of business that he will write about. Basic knowledge of copywriting does not interfere with the customer. Copywriting in the business environment is still perceived by many as a hobby rather than professional competence. So "unbelievers" should visit the communities and sites of top copywriters, read a couple of articles about writing texts.

Clarify everything at the start

In addition to briefs, advanced copywriters use questionnaires - Google-forms of a half or two dozen questions. They concern not only a specific task, but also the construction of the client’s business as a whole. Answering questions such as “customer acquisition cost”, “what is the sales plan, is it being fulfilled,” “what is the manager’s time spent on,” does a potential customer go through the basic adequacy filter.

It is advisable to supplement the written questionnaire with verbal communication in order to eliminate ambiguities that may arise with the customer when answering questions.

Checking how the customer’s business processes are built allows you to determine at the start how successful the result of the copywriter or copywriter team will be.

For example, a quality landing page or texts for mailings may fail due to a banal reason - the customer does not have qualified specialists who respond to customer calls, or simply do not have a call center. Such a check will subsequently avoid shifting responsibility on the copywriter (why there are no sales?) And will provide the necessary information to decide whether to work with this customer.

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Any questions?

Psychologists emphasize the importance of the ability to ask questions - both to themselves and to their partner. Before discussing the TK, the customer must formulate what kind of result he wants to receive, and be ready to give answers to the copywriter's questions. In turn, the copywriter needs to develop a skill in formulating and asking questions. The more detailed they are, the better.

Feedback is a must

The rule of good tone is constant contact between the copywriter and the customer.

It is very desirable to show a fragment of the work to the customer at the start and make sure that the movement is going in the right direction: “Do you like it that way?”. In turn, the customer will repeatedly increase the chances of getting what he needs if he gives an answer in the spirit: "I like it here, only make the length shorter."

Feedback creates a trusting atmosphere of communication, and if the output is not completely satisfying the customer's result, it will be easier and faster to correct it.

As in any communication, in the interaction of the customer and the copywriter is important in a timely manner to meet the other side. Then the response step does not take long, and the result will satisfy both parties.

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