Why should you bet on large forms in content?

Large forms in the content in the near future will help you get a truly loyal audience. Why is this so?

Marketing on the Internet, made a bet on content, begins to exist according to a well-defined law. This law says: create content that will be claimed by the audience. According to this law, your audience is a tuning fork, you should ideally tune your voice perfectly with this tuning fork, resonate with your audience. Obviously, the main thing that needs to be done is to study your target body. But this is not enough.

In great things, simply following laws and rules is not enough, they always have an element of insight. Illuminations come when you start to perceive your audience not as a targeted group of potential clients on social and other grounds, but as a community of people with all their diversity and psychological complexity — people who are interested in you. Yes, you need to perceive the audience not as a group of users for whom you want to arouse interest in your brand, but as people who are of interest to you. It is important. This is the path of insights that will lead you to great things.

In content marketing, as in a complex piece, there are a lot of regulated things related to web analytics, "technical" rules of search promotion, but in one of its components, the main one - in content - there is no more important thing than empathy that does not obey. no rules other than your personal sincere interest in your audience.

Thus, the question of how to enter into resonance with its readers is the question of how to touch the “human” strings in the audience. You can write about anything: growing plants in greenhouses or the forex market, but you need to strive to do it so that even people who are not relevant to your target audience can read your content with interest. Both traders and gardeners are first of all people, and when evaluating a text, they use the same mechanisms (a gardener may not understand many terms from the vocabulary of professional forexys, but he will be able to understand the main thing: good text or bad). In short, you need to write not for the trader Artem Vorobyev, but for the man Artem Vorobyov. Only in this case it will be interesting to the trader Artem Vorobyov.

What has always been of interest to people?

  1. Deep knowledge of the author of the topic.
  2. History, plot.
  3. “Human documentary”: recognizable details, facts and evidence from reality, genuine “quanta” of life, making the text believable, such that I would like to say: how truly noticed!
  4. Interesting author's thoughts.
  5. The ability to link the facts, analyze them and give a crystal clear and believable picture of reality in a particular area of ​​human life.
  6. Empathy to the reader, confidential intonation.
  7. Ambiguity, even a share of shocking, if it is logically justified and justified - so that by the end of reading the text, you can say: yes, there is something in it, you should think about it.
  8. Finally, the image of the author himself.

The theory of the modern "running" person

Now in good content, which is distributed by marketers on the Web, the particles of the above are found in different proportions. But it very rarely happens to stumble upon a “bomb,” professionally composed of all these ingredients, entering into an amazing reaction in a text that acts on the reader in a compelling way.

Why rare? Because such a “delicious content cocktail” cannot be cooked quickly - on a volume of five or ten thousand characters, that is, on a volume that today is standard for the material in the blog.

Today, many people, including those in the content marketing market, believe in the myth that gave rise to the acceleration of the pace of life in the information age: the modern man values ​​his time, he has no time to read novels and monographs, no time to read newspapers, because he is always somewhere runs, he swallows information on the go, from the screen of a mobile gadget - only short tweets and headlines in news feeds. He has no time for long texts in principle.

What, then, does a modern “running” person spend his time on? Why does a person have time at all, if he does not spend it on what he is interested in? Or is he no longer interested in anything? If we take as a basis the myth of constant saving of valuable time, then this theory of this modern “running” person is built: constant running, stress, information noise around should have made him a neurotic who cannot concentrate and read a text longer than one paragraph. But this, excuse me, features of a student who was sent to a special school for a complete inability to concentrate and remember information.

It seems to me that we do not live in a special school, and most of the people among us are completely normal, able to focus, remember, think, and empathize the characters of a novel or film, and get involved in reading long articles if they are interested.

It is strange to think that in the name of saving time, a modern person has lost the ability to read large texts - this is tantamount to as if we denied a person to display his natural traits - curiosity, which moves him forward, in an effort to learn more about what interests him. in the desire to discover something new, to learn things that will help him in his career or life. A modern “running” person will stop and spend exactly as much of his time as is needed to read the material that arouses his interest, because this is a very productive “waste” of time - from the point of view of any person.

The benefits of one good white paper are dozens of times more than twenty average articles.

Now we are surrounded by quanta of information. Quantum is too small. Short forms, laconicism, which has become a symbol of the era of information noise, do not make it possible to leave a long and strong impression in the audience. And a person is inclined to let in with his life only what leaves him a strong impression. The rate of many Internet marketers on the amount of content and condescending attitude to its quality is already beginning to fail today. Imagine what will happen in the near future, when everyone will be engaged in content marketing as the only promising method of promoting a brand on the web. The number of information quanta will grow immediately unimaginable and will continue to grow. And you can not stand out the amount of your content, if the quality bar you have about the same level as all the others. You can stand out not by quantity, but by quality, which is easier to achieve in large-scale forms of content. It is much more productive to invest in deeply developed, excellent “large-caliber” content than to bet on increasing the number of materials of passing quality. The benefits of one good white paper are dozens of times more than twenty average articles.

It does not matter the number of quanta with which you "bombard" your audience. A quantum is just a quantum. To get right on target can only be a big, real "weapon."

For a person, the need for interesting content is more than normal. On the one hand, our human normality, and on the other, the Network, for which hyperbolic growth of information noise is normal. Against the background of quanta of information that the human brain has already got used to perceive fluently and forget, it will be irresistible to look exactly what the audience is experiencing a shortage of today - “non-quantum”, big, interesting, human content, which can reflect all eight of the above things always making people interested.

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