How to squeeze everything out of cooperation with a marketing agency

Collaboration with a marketing agency is like a marriage of convenience. You pretend that you are ready for anything, but you yourself want to pay as little as possible, and get as much as possible. This is a normal desire. You are an adult, so you know that the marketing agency wants to take as much as possible from you and work as little as possible. And if you represent a small or medium-sized business, the agency wants to take something from you and not do anything.

How to pay less to marketing agencies, but squeeze all the juice out of them? Read below.

Why is cooperation with a marketing agency like a marriage of convenience?

Search marketers dream of working with clients of the size of Svyaznoy or Huge budgets, long-term projects, ambitious tasks and the ability to hang a recognizable logo in the section "Our Customers" motivates all agency employees, from top to line artist. Motivation is sharply reduced if, instead of “Svyaznoy”, you have to work with “Abyrvalg” LLC from the county city N.

First, representatives of small businesses cannot spend on promotion as much as Amazon or Euroset spend. Secondly, despite the difference in budgets and tasks, agencies make the same efforts to service the conditional accounts of Svyaznoy and Abyrvalg. Yes, the marketing agency is forced to pay equal attention to the accounts of clients spending several thousand dollars per hour and several thousand rubles a month. Well, almost the same. Typically, customers with meager budget require more attention, and this can not be ignored.

Small businesses realize that marketing agencies work not only for fun, but also for profit. They certainly understand that the degree of sincerity of the smile of their account manager depends on the size of the budget. Probably, they even feel on an intuitive level that the size of the budget directly affects the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Therefore, potential clients of marketing agencies are aware of the consequences of the conflict of interest described above. The desire of small businesses to invest less and get more does not coincide with the plans of marketers to earn more and work less. In such conditions it is difficult to count on effective promotion.

Small business owners can solve this problem in several ways:

  • First, representatives of small and medium businesses can do online marketing on their own. For example, a car repair shop owner may ask a mechanic to write articles about car repairs, and an accountant can follow a PPC campaign. Believe me, the mechanic and accountant will cope. The problem is that while the mechanic will carry articles for review by his school teacher of the Russian language, customers of the auto repair shop will grumble discontentedly, waiting for the repaired car. This difficulty remains insurmountable for most small businesses.
  • Secondly, small business representatives can use the services of marketing automation systems: content exchanges, contextual aggregators, etc. This is a really good way out if an organization cannot increase its marketing budget. However, the business owner must understand that automatic standardized ways of promotion bring the same standard or average result.
  • Third, businessmen can still increase the budget and contact the agency. At the same time, they will definitely want to get an adequate result. Make the marketers work and squeeze everything out of them if you want. This is the best way out if you really want to effectively invest in search engine marketing. But how can you get agencies to serve clients with huge budgets?

How to make a marketing agency work

To squeeze all possible benefits out of cooperation with marketers, you don’t need to call the director every 30 minutes or watch at night under the account manager’s window. Pressure on the agency is a meaningless and unconstructive tactic that brings the opposite result to the desired. The following guidelines will help you get the maximum benefit from working with an agency:

1. Formulate expectations and discuss cooperation objectives.

Formulate and write down on paper the expectations of cooperation with marketers. This will help you during negotiations with agency representatives. Your expectations should be specific. For example, you want to increase the attendance of a resource by half, achieve a 40% increase in conversion, or enter into 15 transactions per day.

During negotiations with marketers, formulate and write down the objectives of cooperation. Specify how realistic it is to achieve the expected result, having a limited budget. Make sure that the goals set together with the marketers are in line with your expectations.

2. Be patient

If you applied to a professional marketing agency, it will definitely achieve its goals. However, it will take some time. If you are buying integrated internet marketing services, get ready to work with floating terms. The fact is that some promotion methods allow you to accurately predict the time of receipt of the result. Other methods allow you to accurately predict a good result, but do not give the opportunity to name the date of his achievement.

Discuss with marketers the timing of intermediate goals. Use them as landmarks. Evaluate the results of a marketing campaign over time. This allows you to confirm or refute the effectiveness of the selected methods of promotion.

3. Help marketers

Your employees should be prepared to patiently and intelligibly explain to short-sighted humanitarians from a marketing agency what the steering column is, where the steering shaft is and why it can knock.

You definitely know the market in which you work, better than search marketers. Therefore, inform your partners about important industry news, actions of your competitors, new products. Remember, things that are obvious to you are incomprehensible to agency staff. So be prepared to help marketers explore your market.

4. Provide marketers with access to website and business data.

In order for a marketing campaign to succeed, you will have to give the agency access to important business information. First of all, we are talking about access to accounts in web analytics systems. Attendance, traffic sources, conversion rate, most popular pages - the agency needs this and other data to successfully promote your project.

In addition, you will have to share business secrets with a marketing agency. What products are best sold in the summer or winter, why your product costs less than a similar product of competitors, what loyalty programs you use, what technologies ensure the quality of your product - the more marketers know, the greater the chances of a marketing campaign success.

5. Motivate marketers to work for results.

Do not expect that the staff of the marketing agency will be thinking about your business day and night if you pay your partners a percentage of the budget. Do not force marketers to turn into science fiction writers, demanding detailed reports on the work done. It is better to choose the payment option, in which the remuneration of marketers depends on the result. For example, it may be a percentage of transactions.

Cooperation with pay for the result at first glance seems to be expensive. However, in the long run, this is the most profitable option, since you only pay for effective marketing activities.

6. Smile account manager to make you smile

Customers choose marketing agencies, and marketing agencies choose customers. If you do not like partners, you stop cooperation. If partners do not like you, they also stop working with you.

If you do not want your campaign to be passed on to newcomers and scared by careless employees, become a good client. Appreciate the efforts of your partners, become like-minded for them. In this case, marketers will smile at you as sincerely as representatives of Svyaznoy or

Look for partners, not performers

To get the maximum benefit from cooperation, become a partner for a marketing agency. Take for granted that marketers can work effectively for you only if you let them into your business. This is not about selling a share, but about access to important information, mutual assistance and mutual benefit.

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