How to use nostalgia in marketing

What makes you nostalgic? Perhaps you are experiencing this feeling when you look at children's photos and remember every corner of the yard where you grew up. Maybe you are nostalgic, for the thousandth time reviewing the "Diamond Hand" and "Office Romance." And someone remembers funny days in a student hostel, waking up with a terrible headache and the desire to immediately die or drink beer.

Everyone has their own triggers of nostalgia. And this bright sadness unites us, the pleasant sadness they cause. And what if you use it in marketing? And how to do online business?

If you know how to evoke positive emotions in the audience, you will be able to connect them with the brand and product. You need to create content that finds a positive emotional response from potential customers. Below are described the tactics with which you can make even the thick-skinned brutal macho nostalgic.

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Use old forms of content

The digital era has come: people fall asleep and wake up with a smartphone, write emails, read news in Feedly, watch “+ 100,500” instead of Smehopanorama on a tablet. But the generation of gadget lovers grew when Petrosyan was still in the trend, and the newspapers were first read, and only then used to make a fire in the brazier. Perhaps this can be played and cause nostalgia in the audience?

You do blog, create white papers and infographics, send letters to subscribers? Give content a second life with non-digital forms. Launch a real newspaper or glossy magazine with a selection of your best articles. Organize the delivery of paper letters to subscribers. This will certainly cause them pleasant memories.

Having received a newspaper or a paper letter, some readers may accuse you of destroying forests in the Amazon forest and polluting the planet with ink. To avoid this charge, make a newspaper or magazine valuable to the recipient. Here are some ideas:

  • The printed version of the content should look expensive. If you choose a newspaper format, it should be a thick weekly with color photos. Even better if it is a glossy magazine.
  • Remember how newspapers extended the life of individual copies? They printed a program for the week ahead. For a week, the family read the number to the holes. Take advantage of this experience, publish something useful: cribs, calendars, lists of useful resources, etc.
  • Publish exclusive content to the newspaper, offer added value to the audience.
  • Deliver newspapers or letters to the client's office against signature.
  • Publish a discount coupon in the newspaper that needs to be cut out and sent to you by paper mail.

Speak, is it expensive to publish a newspaper or a glossy magazine? You do not want the audience to suspect you of cheap manipulations and play on feelings. So everything must look real.

In the end, you can use the second tactic, it is absolutely free.

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Remind the audience of the past

Use familiar images of all, quote the heroes of old films, remember the past popular games, scenes, jokes. To use this tactic, you need to know your target audience well. After all, someone to transfer "Till 16 and older" reminds of childhood and adolescence, and someone went on foot under the table when it was closed.

How to make readers remember the past and nostalgic? Here are some ideas:

  • Cite the hero of some old movie. Depending on the audience, it can be “Guest from the Future”, “Terminator” or, for example, “Spring on Zarechnaya street”.
  • Use in the article lines from a once popular song.
  • Remind readers of summer vacations in the village, confrontations with counselors in summer camps, taste of meatballs in the school canteen, which cost 7 kopecks. Damn it, there are no such tasty cutlets anymore!
  • Tell us about things from the past: video recorders, electronic game “Well, wait a minute!”, Inserts from Turbo chewing gum.
  • Share with the audience the memories of your teacher in junior high.

You yourself probably know a couple dozen tricks with which you can make any person dive into the memories. Feel free to use them, most of the memories cause positive emotions. That's the way the human psyche works.

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Create nostalgic content with cutting-edge tools.

We are talking about visual content, stylized retro. The simplest example is Instagram filters, aging photos. These include 1977, Inkwell, Willow. You can use more advanced tools to create and process visual content. Pay attention to the Slidely service. He will help you to make animated galleries or video presentations that will make any reader tear away.

You can easily create a nostalgic marketing video. Turn on the fantasy: use black and white photography, beat the unique advertising of the early 90s, voice the video in the gundos style. Finally, remind the audience of the heroes of TV shows and movies of the past.

Nostalgia vs. seals

Brands use different tools to evoke positive emotions in the audience. Seals, funny memes, children, nudity and other ways to attract attention and please readers work and will work. When you get tired of competing with your colleagues in the fluffiness of kittens and the mime of the guys, try another tool. Make the reader nostalgic. Audience loyalty is guaranteed.

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