Pleasant to contact: 15 examples of pages "Contacts"

You visited the site, walked around a blog or product catalog, and even read the text "About Us". Interested. There was a desire to contact the owner of the site: the company or individuals.

Then you can go to the page "Contacts". Well, if it will be framed as one of those presented in the article.


  • The ability to communicate by regular mail and via the Internet with different departments of the company.
  • Information on all groups of Blizzard flagship projects on social networks.
  • Interesting section "Visiting the office".

Creative people

  • Name field for feedback.
  • Link to the brief.
  • Contacts for communication + email address for applicants.

Nisa Mayer: Let's Travel Somewhere

  • Design of the page as a postcard with the text:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. If you haven’t received an immediate response, it means that I travel somewhere near the hell out of the room. I will answer as soon as I can. I promise!

  • You can find Nisa in many social networks.

RF Models

  • The ability to contact employees of the company (each has its own corporate e-mail).
  • Interactive map.
  • Feedback form.

Seth godin

  • The page is designed as a postcard with the text:


Seth is not involved in coaching, investing or consulting, but he reads his mail.

You can contact him at [email protected]*

* Alas, because of so many emails, he does not promise to give an answer.

Bank "Tinkoff"

  • Contact details are listed in the directions of the bank.


  • Background information on the page.
  • Contact details are separated by blocks.
  • Search for the nearest facility.


  • Laconic page layout.
  • Information about where you can download the music of the Dolphin.
  • List of the official pages of the singer in social networks.

"Dodo Pizza"

  • You can watch live how the pizza is cooked.
  • An intriguing link to the page "Why is Dodo Pizza cooked without gloves."

Ilya Varlamov

  • Biographical data in the design of the page.
  • Many channels of communication with Ilya (social networks + instant messengers).

"M Video"

  • Three ways to communicate with the company.
  • Additional contacts - if you click on the "plus sign", contact information for employment, for the press and for business will appear:

Sergey Bezrukov

  • Different email addresses for different questions.
  • Feedback form.
  • Tapes of social networks Twitter and Instagram in the body of the page.


You can see the addresses of stores and points of issue list:

Or see everything on an interactive map:

"Art. Lebedev Studio"

  • Contact information for offices, shops and cafes.
  • Icons of national mailboxes.
  • Contact offices with information on how to get there.


  • Interactive map.
  • Different ways of communication.
  • Company details.

Also on the page there is a scanned extract from the register of accredited organizations.

The page "Contacts" - the beginning of the company's communication with customers

So you should not start it:

Think over the text, design, location of information blocks and usability of the contact page. From this, including, depends on the result of work on integrated website promotion on the Internet.

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