Ask the user: a review of the service Askusers

To successfully develop a website, a marketer needs to be able to look at it from the side. This allows you to critically evaluate the resource, notice and eliminate errors, find ways to improve efficiency. The problem is that a person cannot always objectively evaluate the product of his labor. Exit the situation can be using the service to conduct an audit of sites Askusers. A detailed overview of this platform can be found below.

What can Askusers? General information about the service

Askusers is a service for testing and increasing the effectiveness of sites with the help of assessors or real users. Who does the playground work for? First of all, these are site owners and managers of online projects. They can use the test results to correct errors, increase usability, and develop functionality.

The second group of users is internet marketers promoting customer projects. With the help of Askusers, an agency or web studio receives valuable data from the target audience of the project. This information is used to improve promotion results.

The third group is all Internet users who want to make money. Any decent and responsible person who has the desire and ability to work, Internet access and a desktop computer running Windows can be an assessor. You don't need to understand internet marketing or have technical knowledge to work as an assessor. Site owners are interested in real impressions about the resource of representatives of different target groups.

With the help of Askusers, site owners and professional marketers find Internet users ready to test the resource and share their impressions. The check is performed according to the algorithm proposed by the customer: assessors visit selected sections of the site, perform the actions specified by the marketer, evaluate the site according to the agreed criteria.

Assessors perform testing using a program that directs them, fixes the execution of each test step, and records the user's screen video. In the process of doing work, the user answers the questions of the task. The answers of the assessor and the video of his actions are drawn up by the system in a report that the customer receives.

Service Askusers provides site owners and marketers with the following benefits:

  • Ability to involve impartial users in checking the site. Independent assessors help to look at the site from the side. They objectively evaluate the functionality and usability, indicate the bottlenecks of UX, offer ways to improve and develop the resource.
  • Guaranteed research performance and its high quality. Administration Askusers select assessors. Your site will be tested by real, adult, responsible users. Moreover, you can choose inspectors according to professional, demographic, socio-psychological and other criteria. This allows you to use the technique of customers during the site testing.
  • Meaningful reports with really important information. All completed tasks are checked by moderators. If necessary, they ask the assessor to clarify or supplement the report. At the request of the customer, marketers Askusers form a summary report and interpret it.
  • Simple organization and safe research. Theoretically assessors can be recruited on freelancers exchanges or even in social networks. In this case, the customer will face different organizational problems. Askusers is a secure platform with proven ordering and testing algorithms.
  • The ability to use for the evaluation of e-commerce projects the technology of the secret buyer. The assessor goes from choosing a product to a deal. Thanks to this, marketers get valuable information about the sales funnel. Please note, the service "Mystery Shopping" as of the beginning of June 2016 is in the launch stage.

Testing sites using the Askusers site is an example of human marketing. According to the results of checks, the owners receive information that can be used to improve websites without manipulating the issue, cheating behavioral factors and other unhealthy tactics.

By the way, in contrast to the so-called services to improve behavioral factors, for the use of which search engines rightly punish websites, Askusers with an absolute guarantee refers to white tools. According to the project manager, Denis Narizhny, the platform does not allow to automate user actions, that is, to send dozens or hundreds of visitors to certain pages and ask to perform template actions.
Rather, theoretically it can be done. But such actions can be compared with nailing a microscope with nails: the work of assessors is more expensive than the penny automatic actions of students and bots from manipulative services like Userator.

How to improve the site using Askusers? About it further.

Customer Account Interface

After registration, which takes a couple of minutes, you get into your personal account. The main menu at the top of the page contains information about the status of the account and links to sections of account management.

Start working with the service by filling out the profile. To do this, select the appropriate tab. Specify personal information and upload company logo. This is especially important for agencies that do research for clients. Your agency logo will be displayed on summary reports. If you do not specify it, the reports will be branded with the Askusers service logo.

In the "Profile" section there is a referral link, with the help of which you can attract users to the service. For this, AskUsers offers a commission.

On the FAQ tab, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the service, as well as a video tutorial on the use of five job assignments for assessors. The tabs "Finance" and "Technical Support" contain relevant data and functionality. On the White / Black Lists tab, there will be corresponding assessors lists.

The main working tab of the personal account is "My Tasks". In the block "Create a new task" you can set up and run a study. You can choose one of two options: use the standard rate or arrange questions yourself. The latter is suitable for experienced marketers who know how to explore the market.

The "My Tasks" block displays a list of current and completed studies. Also on the tab there is a video instruction on creating assignments, a list of recommendations and cases.

After getting acquainted with the interface of your personal account, you can arrange a new study.

How to arrange a study using standard rates

On the "My Tasks" tab of your personal account, click the "Select Rate" button. Using the standard fare, Askusers marketers will prepare and conduct research on your site. Also, experts will process the data and generate a report.

All standard rates provide access to the same set of services. To familiarize yourself with it, expand the "What's included" menu on the selection page.

In a nutshell: any standard tariff includes the preparation, conduct and analysis of a study by service specialists. And according to the results of the assignment, you will receive a detailed report and video from assessors' screens.

Fees differ in the number of assessors who test your site. For example, if you choose the recommended "Optimal" tariff, 15 people will study the resource.

You can choose your own research tasks. To do this, check the corresponding options in the "Tasks" box. For example, if you tick "Online purchase", assessors will appreciate the process of selecting a product or service, processing and paying for the order on your site.

What do you get by choosing this or that service? As stated above, as part of the Online Purchase service, assessors will try to buy something on your site. In the report, they will share their impressions, highlight mistakes and shortcomings. After processing the data, you will receive a summary information that looks like this:

The report also includes the answers of assessors, which they write in the process of testing the resource.

As part of the "Comparison with competitors" service, assessors will independently find the resources of competitors and compare your website with them. In particular, they will try to find the reasons that would force them to choose your colleagues in the market when looking for a seller or partner. In the report you will receive summary information and originals of assessors answers.

As part of the Trust Assessment service, assessors assess factors affecting user confidence or mistrust of the site. According to the results of the study, you get a summary of the most important elements and errors, as well as comments of the reviewers.

As part of the "Evaluation of UTP" service, assessors study the commercial attractiveness of your proposal. According to the test results, you will find out whether potential customers consider your product as relevant, its cost, the method of presenting information about a product or service. This is a very important study for young projects and for sellers of complex products. A fragment of the report can be found in the illustration.

The service "Evaluation of the convenience of interfaces" solves the corresponding problem. For example, you can ask assessors to evaluate registration and order forms, menus, commenting system, online chat, and so on. In the illustration is a fragment of a report on the results of studying the interfaces of the site

You can determine the final cost of the research within the standard tariff. To do this, just select the selected task.

After selecting a tariff, the system will redirect you to the "Additional Information" page. Here you need to describe the target audience of the project or provide Askusers with guest access to your Google Analytics account or Yandex.Metrica. The site guarantees data security.

To provide access to analytical services, use the appropriate buttons. You can describe the audience in the "Comment for moderator". After entering the data, click "Go to payment."

You can replenish your account with a bank card, through electronic payment systems and through the Internet banking systems Alfa-click and Sberbank On @ yn.

How to prepare a study yourself

If you consider yourself an experienced Internet marketer and know how to organize research, prepare a testing site yourself. To do this, on the "My Tasks" tab, select the "Prepare yourself" button.

To prepare the study, you can use open-ended questions and a questionnaire. The assessor's answer to an open question consists of at least 200 characters. In the questionnaire, the assessor chooses one or more of the answers you offer. The answer of the assessor to an open question costs 150 rubles, the answer to each question from the questionnaire will cost you 50 rubles.

Create a task with open questions. Specify its name. Choose one of two options: "Audit one site" or "Compare two sites." Specify the URL and describe the task. Click the "Select Questions" button.

In the selection section, you will find sample questions, grouped together according to the tasks to be solved. Also in the section you can create custom questions.

To view a group of sample questions, click on the button with the name of the task that interests you. Check the appropriate questions from your point of view and click the "Add Selected" button. Please note that the cost of answering a question is 150 rubles.

To add an arbitrary question, use the appropriate menu block. Write instructions for assessors, if necessary, add a comment for the moderator. Click the Add Question button.

After adding all the necessary questions, proceed to the choice of assessors. To do this, click the appropriate button.

By default, assessors are filtered by rating. This criterion is practically useless when conducting research. To select those who check for custom criteria, expand the "Filter for assessors" menu.

Using the sliders, select the appropriate rating and age of assessors in your opinion. Specify the degree of ownership of the Internet and gender. Please note, you can check the box more than one degree of ownership of the Internet.

Select your options in the "Marital Status", "Children" and "Car Lover" sections. Use the slider to adjust the appropriate income level.

Expand the corresponding menu to select suitable professions, hobbies and topics that are understandable or incomprehensible to assessors. You can also choose character traits and foreign languages ​​that the verifier should be proficient in. Check the options you want.

If necessary, specify the city and the accessory to the white list. Click the "Find Assessors" button.

Black and white lists can be formed on the results of the study.

The system will offer you a list of assessors who fit the specified criteria. You can use the "Select All" option to send the task to all reviewers or manually select the required number of specialists. Before choosing, you can familiarize yourself with the questionnaire specialist. To do this, click on the name of the assessor you are interested in.

To invite the assessor to perform the task, tick his profile. After selecting the desired number of specialists, click "Add Selected."

Before paying for the job, pay attention to the additional service "Data Processing". Use this option to let Askusers marketers generate a summary report for you. You will receive the results of the study in a convenient form for analysis, as well as a visual visualization of the information obtained during the site verification.

At the task preparation stage, you can choose a questionnaire instead of open questions. To do this, in the "Task Name" section, select the appropriate option, specify the required parameters, and click the "Create Questionnaire" button.

In the Create Survey section, prepare alternative questions with answer choices. If necessary, enable the option "The assessor may choose more than one option." Add a question.

After preparing the questions, select assessors and pay for the study.

What to do with the results of the study

After completing the test, you can see the results of the study. They are available in the "My Tasks" section of the personal account. You can download a summary report, download a table with assessors data or read the answers to the questions of each reviewer separately. If you are interested in the last option, click the "+" sign opposite the job name.

You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the questionnaire and answers to questions of a specific assessor. To do this, select the option "View" or "Download questionnaire" opposite the name of the specialist you are interested in.

In the form you will find information about the assessor and his answers to the research questions.

You can also view the video from the screen of the assessor. It is automatically created during the execution of the task. Videos can be viewed in your account or downloaded to your hard drive.

Please note that the video can not be recorded for all assessors. Some users' computers have software installed that conflicts with the Askusers program.

What gives the video? In fact, this is an advanced version of "Webvisor". You see how a user travels through your site and answers questions using the Askusers program.

After studying the questionnaire and videos, you can add an assessor to the black or white list.

The summary data processed by Askusers specialists is available in PDF and DOC formats. Links to documents are under the list of assessors who tested your site. Here are links to all forms and all videos from assessors screens.

In the summary report there are data on the main ones from the point of view of checking flaws and errors found on the site. For each error, there are comments and assessors' suggestions for improving the resource. View them as a roadmap for project development.

You can correct mistakes and implement assessors suggestions yourself. Another option offers Askusers. In the catalog of developers you can choose a web studio. To view the catalog, click the "Select Developer" button on the "My Tasks" tab.

In the catalog you can see the profiles of web studios. Customers are available information on the number of companies, prices for services, examples of work and reviews. There is also a link to the studio website and contact information.

To send the task to the studio specialists, click the "Select Reports" button. Check the box next to the desired task. Also tick the selected developer as indicated in the illustration below. Click the "Send Report" button.

Information for web studios: you can become Askusers partners. To do this, click "Become a developer" in the directory. Fill in the information about the company and send the application.

Pay attention to the affiliate program Askusers. Вы можете получать накопительные скидки и привлекать рефералов.

Сервис Askusers позволяет взглянуть на сайт глазами асессоров. Можно ли доверять их оценкам? Как происходит проверка и возможны ли манипуляции? Чтобы ответить на эти вопросы, нужно посмотреть на сервис Askusers с другой стороны.

View from the other side: Askusers through the eyes of the assessor

To become an assessor, you need a PC running Windows, Internet access, the desire and ability to work.

Start by registering on the site. To do this, on the main page, select the "Assessors" tab. Read and accept the user agreement and privacy policy. Enter your email address and click the "Register" button.

The system will send a letter with a confirmation link and a automatically generated password to the specified address. Confirm the address and log in to the service.

After registration, fill out the profile. To do this, select the appropriate tab in your account. Upload a photo, fill in the personal data.

Specify the required information in all sections of the profile. Please note that you must provide accurate information. This will help site owners to correctly assess whether you belong to the target audience of their project.

In the "Documents" section upload a scan-copy of any document, for example, a passport, student card, driver's license. Submit profile for moderation.

While the moderators are checking the profile, download and install the program Askusers. It is necessary to perform tasks. Please note that on the download page of the distribution kit, click the Launch button, not the Install button.

After installing the program and profile moderation, you can check the sites. Assessors do not have the ability to choose jobs. Notifications of new offers come in the mail.

To accept the offer, run the program Askusers. The program will automatically open the site in the browser, which you will check. If this does not happen, open it yourself. Click the "Run Task" button. After that, the system will start recording video from your screen. Therefore, make sure that you close the extra tabs with confidential information.

Job questions appear in the Askusers window. Note the arrow marked in the illustration below. Click on it to minimize the window for convenient work with the site. After collecting the information, expand the window. Answer the question and go to the next one.

Answer the questions under the force of any person. Here are a few examples of tasks that were performed during the preparation of the article:

  • Choose a product and place an order. What difficulties arose during registration? How can I improve the functionality of the site?
  • Find and rate five sites that compete with our project. What search queries did you use to find them? Which of them did you like more of our resource? Why?
  • Rate the relevance of the product for you on a ten-point scale.

After completing the task, do not close the program until the video is uploaded to the server.

The system sends the completed task for moderation. It takes from several hours to several days. The list of works on moderation can be found on the "My Tasks" tab in the "In Work" section.

After checking by the moderator, the system transfers funds to you for work. A list of completed and paid tasks can be found in the "Completed" section. The moderator can send the task for revision.

Completing the task takes approximately 30 minutes with a tea break.

The assessor can get the money earned on a bank card or using electronic money. To withdraw funds, you must submit an application to technical support. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 rubles.

Is it possible to deceive the customer and take answers to the task from the ceiling? Hardly. First, the moderator checks all the answers of the assessor. Secondly, the program records the video of the screen. This helps the service administration to monitor the actions of the reviewers.

With the help of Askusers you can get an objective assessment of the site.

The service acts as an intermediary between site owners and assessors. The first are preparing tasks with a request to evaluate certain elements of functionality and usability of the resource. The second check the site and share their impressions with the customer. The execution of the task is controlled by the Askusers administration. Moderators check the integrity of assessors and process information received from them. The verification report contains data that can be used to develop the site.

Service Askusers helps to really improve resources, and not exploit the imperfection of search algorithms. In this way, it compares favorably with the "SEO" services, for the use of which sites receive sanctions from search engines.

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