How does Nemesis work: interview with VK marketing director + experiment

On June 1, VKontakte launched Nemesis, an algorithm for protecting copyright content from copying. In this article, I decided to combine theory and practice: I asked Alexander Kruglov, the marketing director of VKontakte, and conducted my own experiment in a specially created group. If you are a community owner and you want to protect your texts from being copied - go in, sit down, it will be interesting.

We want not to punish, but to retrain

"Nemesis" is a smart algorithm that finds the copied entries and gives them to the moderators. Also, users may complain about non-original content themselves.

In the article "Under the protection of Nemesis," everything is written in detail - I will not repeat. I asked a few additional questions to the director of marketing "VKontakte" Alexander Kruglov.

How does the system of sanctions algorithm "Nemesis"? For example, a warning is issued for one complaint, a community ban is issued for ten.

The task of the Nemesis is to restore justice for the authors. We do not want to punish the community, but to retrain. They organized the process so that the owners of the public had the opportunity to restructure their work. Of course, there will be malicious offenders who will have to be punished, but this is not an end in itself.

If a community has 5 violations in 7 days, it will receive significant viral limitations - this page will disappear from the “Recommendations”. After 10 strikes, we will disconnect the public from our advertising network, and after 15 violations, all monetization options will be disabled, including the placement of links. Gradually, these requirements will be tightened. A week after receiving the strike, he "burns".

As a result, community aggregators whose owners do not create unique materials and only copy them will be able to continue to exist on the platform, but they will not be able to earn on such content and attract new subscribers.

If the community makes a repost or indicates the source, the fines will not affect it?

Yes, of course, there will be no problems for such communities. We will not apply punishment if there is no abuse.

When complaining you need to specify a link to the original entry. While it can only be internal links VK. Do you plan to fight content theft from third-party sites?

The ability to protect their intellectual rights, regardless of where the content is published, is a long time ago. Intruders who violate copyrights can be reported through the special DMCA form. It is available to copyright holders since 2011. If the abuse is confirmed, we will remove the copied content. For gross violations, we can even block the offending community.

There are various fraudulent methods of theft: cut the infographics into pieces, rewrite the text by hand, slightly change the audio ... How do you track and take into account such techniques?

Much can be tracked automatically. For example, it is easy to recognize a text in which several words have been changed, or a song cut off for a few seconds. Advanced neural network algorithms do a great job with this task. But algorithms need to learn. That is why we accept complaints from users: they help to find cases that have not yet been able to notice our algorithms.

When assessing the uniqueness of content, we are guided by the principle: if someone else's materials are used to create a new record, such a publication should have a new meaning. It will not be considered a violation if the owner of the community took, for example, some huge infographic, divided it into convenient for perception parts and indicated the source on the images themselves. But the handwritten and laid out picture of the text does not bear any originality.

Are there any first global results of the Nemesis?

It is premature to speak the numbers, since the Nemesis began to issue the first warnings and punishments on June 15. We will tell you about the results in a few weeks. Follow our news on the official pages: "VKontakte for communities" and "VKontakte with the authors."

Conducting an experiment

In order to finally understand how Nemesis works, I conducted an experiment. On the fresh tracks, on June 5, I created the VKontakte community, recruited participants, filled the wall and began to brazenly steal content from other publics. And then I asked friends and colleagues to complain about these posts. I wonder what happens!

Objectives of the experiment:

  1. Check whether the moderators "VKontakte" respond to user complaints.
  2. Find out what is more effective: complaints of specific people or independent work of algorithms.
  3. Find out if the number of complaints affects the work of "Nemesis".

The first part of the experiment

Objective: check how the number of complaints affects strikes.

I started, of course, from the public of the Texterra. She ran through the records and dragged a few to her group. For the purity of the experiment, I asked the editor, who was aware of my iniquities, for help. It was agreed that no one would complain about the first post stolen, one person would complain about the second, and I asked the seven colleagues, the authors of Texterra, to complain about the third.

The second part of the experiment

Purpose: to check what will happen if no one complains.

I let go of all the brakes and started copying interesting posts from the VC spaces. Thematic communities and popular groups fell under the distribution: tyrit - so with a twinkle, to love - so much the queen! Specially not used rewriting - only Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, only hardcore! She even took pictures from other posts with text, and if they had water marks on them, she cut off mercilessly.

Taken from the group "SMM | Promotion in social networks"

Swung to the holy - "Business Youth"

Post copied from public Tserebro Target

Taken in the "Directors Club"

Do not believe the author - TJ

Also under the distribution got the group "Copywriting secrets"and"COPYRIGHTING SMM SEO".

Sorry, guys, I specifically - all for the sake of experiment.

So, nobody complained about these posts: I trusted the robots who are looking for non-original content. I wonder what will work better: special algorithms or complaints to moderators? I also added popular hashtags, according to which people could see my entries in the tape and complain about them.

The third part of the experiment

Purpose: to deliver a test strike.

On June 18, I struck a test blow: I asked the authors of “Texterra” and my friends to complain massively about the three entries taken from T-F, the Directors Club and Business Youth.

According to my calculations, applications were sent by 12 people, that is, the moderators received 36 complaints about my community during the day with a little.


June 15, "Nemesis" was to issue the first warning. And to be sure: at eight in the evening, the first strike arrived for the post copied from Texterra. I recall, seven people complained at the same time.

Interestingly, there were no strikes for recordings about which one person complained and did not receive any complaints at all. This was the answer to the first part of the experiment: the more people complain, the better the result. And this, notice, not yet large-scale figures. In popular communities, the number of hits, I think, is in the hundreds.

The second strike was broken on June 19th. I got it for the post copied from Business Youth: in the third part of the experiment, more than ten people complained about it. I note that people turned on June 18 - and the next day the results appeared. It is not clear, however, why the strikes did not receive two other entries: "T-F" and "Directors Club". The number of complainants for them was the same.

So, I got a total of two strikes in a week. According to Alexander Kruglov, significant restrictions begin only after five strikes - I was just given a warning and advised to be more careful. Shook his finger, so to speak.

By the way, do not expect that you will receive a message or warning in "VKontakte". All information about strikes is in the "Community Management" tab, the menu on the right. I did not know this and naively thought that representatives of technical support would contact me themselves. And only at the end of the experiment I looked into the management section, where a surprise was waiting for me.

Well, the experiment can be considered complete. Let's sum up the final results.

  1. Mass complaints work better than single screams for non-original content.
  2. It is better to contact the moderators independently, rather than rely on algorithms. If you do not complain at all, as in the second part of the experiment, the results can be waited oh, very long.
  3. VC does not respond to all complaints. With all the equal data, the strike came only for one copied record, other appeals to the moderators were left without result.
  4. Perhaps to get under the "Nemesis", you need to copy posts on an industrial scale. I published non-original content once or twice a day - many groups sin with this much more often. And the complaints were not hundreds and thousands, but a maximum of 12.

I hope this is only the beginning, in the future the algorithms will be improved, and "Nemesis" will punish fans of non-original content in full. In any case, I would not advise to run up on strikes - it is better to work honestly. It will be unpleasant if you can not monetize the group or your reposts will be shown less frequently.

I can’t write original posts - ask for help from a good SMM-schik or Internet marketing agency. Better yet, take Internet marketing courses from the best Texterra specialists, who will give you practical knowledge on marketing, SEO, website development and content strategy development. After the publication of this article, I will also delete all the copied posts and will lead the group normally. Do not be angry, "Nemesis"!

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