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Salute to TexTerra blog readers! At first, I wanted to tell you how the cops work in advertising, but then I decided that this would be of little use for business owners. Is that laugh from the heart. Therefore, today we give more utility, from simple to complex:


Carousel gave excellent results when the format just appeared. Now, many experts say that such ads often work poorly, although there are exceptions. The format itself is aimed at communities with a product catalog. From my own experience I will say - the carousel showed itself well in the delivery of food, but not in another companion.

"What now does not use this format?" - you ask. Of course, use. But with caution.

The text of the main entry is not more than 220 characters. Carousel contains from 3 to 10 cards. Card header up to 25 characters.

Carousel with a relatively good result for a gift shop and adventure:

A couple of screenshots of statistics from these carousels tuned to different target audiences:

Universal Record

This is the standard entry you see on the news. Go to the news feed and see - this format is everywhere. How is it different? You can write a lot of text, a link to your product is indicated in the text, a wide selection of image sizes.

Universal entry allows you to write large storytelling, which in some niches comes very well. Plus you describe all the benefits in detail. I believe that this format is undervalued and should be tested in all niches.

Maximum number of characters in the universal record: 16,384, with punctuation marks and spaces.

Record with a button

This format works best when the audience is hot and should be called to action. And not only the button itself is clickable, but the whole picture as well. Despite the text limitation of 220 characters, recording with a button is a great option. Promotions and short offers come to cheer. Use.

To post with the button + video requirements on the size there is no, insert any video.

Collection of applications

Relatively new format - lead form. Gives the opportunity to collect applications for events, consultations, participation in promotions. That is, we pour traffic from ads to the lead form. We create and fill in the form yourself. When creating a link to your privacy policy. If it is not there, take VKontakte simply paste the link into the appropriate section:

Quote from "VKontakte":

Interested customers are comfortable filling out the form. It is adapted for mobile devices and does not require manual data entry for some fields. First name, middle name, last name, city, age, phone number and e-mail are automatically filledif this information is provided by the user on the page VKontakte.

Watch a two-minute video on how to create a lead form:

How to create a lead form

Collecting applications works well in promoting through a free lesson. For example, in a language school.

Interesting observation:

If you put a link to a lead form in a button, the analyst of the advertising account counts the CPL (lead price). If the link comes from the text, the transition and the application is, and the CPL is not considered. Perhaps this bug will be fixed soon, but for now just like that, so don’t be in a hurry to scold the targeting specialist.

Site advertising

Despite the policy of retaining users within the social network, VKontakte still gave the opportunity to fully advertise sites. This format is relatively new. Here is what the playground itself writes about:

Site advertising

Add a title, logo, description and a large image, specify the link and attract visitors to your site directly from the news feed. The ad does not require binding to the VKontakte community, and the transition is made by clicking on any of its areas.

Features of the format:

The image size is from 1080x607 pixels. Title up to 25 characters. Description up to 90 characters. Text near the button up to 25 characters. It is possible to upload your logo.

Teasers (side advertising)

Teasers are a rectangular advertisement that looms to the left on the computer version of VKontakte. There were times when for only 1000 rubles. Targetologist attracted 500 subscribers for 2 rubles. Now the rates have warmed up and the subscriber is 12 rubles each. if everything is well set up. Let's look at the pros and cons of such advertising.


  1. Teaser ads are cheaper than promotional posts.
  2. Only teasers are configured on a personal page.
  3. Teasers catch users who do not flip through the tape (I wonder if there are any?).
  4. Teasers are fun:


  1. Teasers can only be seen in the web version, so 80% of the audience will not see them, because people are sitting on mobile devices.
  2. Limiting the amount of text reduces the message and as a result you receive less conscious clicks. Hence the problem: a lot of clicks, and the conversion is low.
  3. If a user has Adblock or other blocking extensions, he will not see your teasers even from a computer.
  4. Sometimes the show is cut off, like this:

I hope that you didn’t scare you much, and you haven’t changed your mind about using teasers yet. Let's look at them in more detail.

Teasers are of three types:

  1. Application.
  2. Community.
  3. External site.

Each type has its own display options, here are the main ones:

Image and text

The image is 145x85 pixels. Two blocks of text: heading up to 33 characters and description up to 70 characters

Use text on the image if it takes up less than 50% of the image area.

Community Promotion

The image is 145x145 pixels. It differs in that the name of your community is inserted into the header automatically, which can only be shortened. The remaining settings are the same as elsewhere.

Large image

The image format is 145x165 pixels with the title, but without a block description.

You can also use the text on the image in less than 50% of the image area.

My favorite format, since it is most convenient to create here. For example, making caricatures is a great option for promoting an individual with customizing to your subscribers. These are contrasting and funny images that are not ignored, even if the audience is not familiar with you.

Speaking of headlines ...

How to make headlines for teasers

Let's start with the foundation. How does a person perceive advertising? I am not a psychologist, so I will tell without terms, if anything, correct.

The brain is divided conditionally into two parts. The first is responsible for the attention and thought process - here and now. The second is responsible for the automatisms that a person makes unconsciously, based on past experience. Automatisms save energy. Our brain is a lazy thing, so he needs such an autopilot to rest.

"Well, where does the advertisement come from?" - you ask.

Imagine that you are focused on work, but at the same time hungry. If you hear something about food or smell it, you are distracted from work without even noticing it. Autopilot scans the surrounding space with the help of the senses in search of meeting current needs.

Advertising affects primarily our autopilot.

All the images that we see, and the texts that we read, first come into the view of the autopilot. Therefore, the best texts and images affect precisely the “zone of automatism”.

There are several heading methods based on autopilot motivations. Let's consider:

  • Motivation for pain.
  • Motivation for joy, benefits and results.
  • Intrigue.
  • Direct sale.

Pain motivation

We use everything that concerns a particular pain of a person. For example, if you are afraid to speak in public - the title "Are you afraid to speak?" will be for you catchy trigger.

We select the appropriate visual. You may remember that many fears come from childhood, and if a person is afraid to speak - reading the poems to the public is also a problem for him, and he remembers.

Motivation from pain is the strongest, so niches where there is pain are much easier to promote. Unfortunately, you can not always work in pain. For example, "VKontakte" prohibits pointing directly to a human disease. So the headline "Do you have hemorrhoids?" will not pass moderation. Therefore, here we go from the benefits - "Get rid of hemorrhoids in 3 days!"

Motivation for joy, benefit and result

If there is no pain, show the benefits. This will be suitable lucrative offers, promotions and clear benefits that a person receives.

But what statistics do the cans of cucumbers have?

There was no fine tuning, so the clicks came out expensive - 8 rubles each + we take into account the specifics of the audience - business. But there is one caveat: since the link led to the VKontakte channel, the subscriber also left about 8 rubles each. The fact is that after clicking on the ad, there is an automatic subscription. Again, until this bug is fixed.


Maybe someone remembers teasers with Pavel Durov and the headline "Another News" is the very time when Pasha left VKontakte. So, this is intrigue.

The biggest intrigue in my practice:

I note that red people and a direct look perfectly attract attention. It is time to introduce the term "clickable appearance" :-)

Direct sale

I think there is nothing special to explain here. Direct selling works for a hot audience.

Tip: If possible, use the same visuals in advertising and on the site where the traffic leads.

A person clicks on an ad and sees a form on the site with the same visual, it strains the brain less and introduces more quickly. Recall the autopilot, which is affected by advertising. Let your audience brain save energy - get more bids.

The structure of the working promotion post

No matter what anyone says about changing trends, the foundation always remains. Posts created using the AIDA formula work:

  • Headline with the development of pain, benefit or suggestion.
  • Brief essence of the sentence.
  • Advantages, benefits, closure of objections.
  • Clear call to action.

The purpose of advertising "VKontakte" is not to sell the product immediately, but to bring a person to the site, and close the leads for sale on the site. This is especially true for complex products.

Forget the super design. In a target, anything can work and predict the reaction of the audience is extremely difficult. But there are a few fundamental things:

A simple photo on a smartphone or a review screen

Screenshots of reviews with ordinary photos work well in the commodity business. Why? It's simple:

The posts of our friends in the tape are ordinary photos taken on the phone. And our internal "filter of advertising" takes these posts for "their", disables banner blindness.

Straight look

Want to draw attention to your creatives? Use the look. A person sees a direct look best of all, including lateral vision. When someone stares at us, we notice it. The reason comes from antiquity. The man needed to notice a saber-toothed tiger hiding in the jungle before he attacked. The world has changed - the reflex has remained. Use.

Where to find a photo with a direct look? I recommend two groups in which I am looking for myself - aesthetics of sight and atypical beauty.

How to choose the best photos for creatives

We go into the pictures "Yandex" or on the stock. Defocus sight and scroll. Choose images that cling to side vision and make you focus. Most likely, this is the most visible creatives. Since the main task of advertising is to attract attention, and then everything else, feel free to take the most contrasting visuals.

Who mastered this longrid, that fellow. Now you are familiar with ad formats and know which creatives work. What are you waiting for? Go ahead for the loot! :-)

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