5 reasons why your content marketing does not produce results in social networks

Often, marketers working in the field of goods and services for legal entities (b2b) choose content marketing as one of the main promotion strategies. However, the placement of the same useful content on social networks is rather skeptical.

It seems strange, because social networks is an ideal platform to share information with potential customers? Or in the field of b2b, content marketing is just the creation of useful and high-quality content that should be distributed across the subscriber base, posted on the site and given to the customer attraction department, but no more?

In most cases, b2b marketers rely too heavily on their own subscription customer base. As a result, they are not able to turn their content marketing into a series of registrations, subscriptions, and subsequent purchases of promoted products.

Undoubtedly, the more people in the subscription base who are interested in the proposed content, the greater the number of leads that can be obtained. And with a well-established chain of touches, these leads are really converted into purchases and downloads. However, the question remains - how to attract customers from the outside?

The problem is solved with the help of paid advertising in various media. Payment of publications in the media on your subject, placement of content in communities, groups and forums with the target audience, contextual advertising - these are some of the ways to pay to attract customers that you can use with a budget.

And what if there is no budget or it is quite small? What channels should be used to make the campaign as effective as possible? The answer is simple - social networks.

Below are 5 reasons why b2b marketers fail when promoting on social networks, and tips on how to avoid it.

1. Low quality of interaction with the target audience in social media

Few marketers are seriously looking at the accounts of their company's subscribers on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Even if in each of these networks there are hundreds and thousands of people subscribed to a brand’s tape, the real percentage of interested customers rarely exceeds 5%.

The problem is that in this case most companies focus on increasing the volume, not the quality of the audience. It is not surprising that they cannot create a stream of incoming customers - their target paying audience is a minority among subscribers.

How to fix it? When working with social networks, you should focus on the quality of your subscribers, on their affiliation with your target audience and solvency, and not on quantity.

2. Not enough content

If the company generates a sufficient amount of useful content, after some time the subscribers themselves will eagerly share this information, and the search engines will index the company group in social networks. However, in fact, companies rarely create useful content and increasingly pay attention to the placement of shares and advertising of goods.

How to fix it? If you are not able to provide the required amount of high-quality content, donate its creation to outsourcing, otherwise there will be no movement.

3. Ignorance of key indicators

If you ask any b2b-marketer who is worthy of his salary, how many leads he generates per month, how much the company pays for one lead, how many subscribers open letters - he will immediately provide all the necessary numbers. But if you ask about the most popular posts in VK, the number of transitions from social networks, the most discussed topics, the most active followers on Twitter - he will not be able to provide accurate data. All that is not measured in business does not bring results.

How to fix it? Set the desired indicators for social networks (number of reposts, clicks, conversions, percentage of conversion, etc.) and start tracking the entire process.

4. Lack of SMM Responsibility

Who in the company should be responsible for attracting subscribers, customers, as well as those who form public opinion in the chosen field of activity to social networks? B2b-marketer, PR-agency or SMM-manager? Or maybe your employees in a sales department or a part-time student?

It should be someone who truly understands the target audience and focuses on lead generation. In most companies there is no such person.

How to fix it? Delegate monitoring of the results of work in social media to one responsible person and request information from him on the tasks set and the result obtained.

5. Ignoring customer preferences when creating content

Often, the marketing department itself develops ideas, without paying the slightest attention to what is currently happening in social networks. Marketers do not pay attention to what the subscribers are talking about, and what content they share with their friends.

The ability to hear and use this information is a critical skill for b2b marketers and allows you to create viral content, using in its creation what is currently popular in networks.

How to fix it? Invest in monitoring tools, watch out for major customers themselves, as well as those who form public opinion in your field. Listen to what your customers are talking about and use it.


By fixing any of these problems, you will take your content marketing to a new level. Not in one day, but for a certain time.

Think about which of the above reasons most harm your content marketing? Maybe you have some other problems that reduce its effectiveness? Share with us in the comments below.

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