How to write the text on the page "About Us" ("About the Company"): a step by step guide

Have you ever been visited by the idea that your company is a dynamically developing young team of professionals? Surely it occurred to and was not when you wrote the text on the page "About the Company." Admit it, you saved the planet in a corporate mission, wrote the company's goal and promised to serve the humanistic ideals of mankind by selling the product at the best prices.

Do not be discouraged, you are not alone in your high aspirations. Many of your colleagues and competitors also write about dynamically developed professionals, so your “About Us” page is not striking. Speak, users often escape from a site, having read the first lines of the text? This article will help you correct the situation. From it you will learn how to write the text "About the company."

What actually should tell the page "About the Company"

Do you think the text "About Us" is almost the only place on the corporate website and on the Internet as a whole, where you can praise yourself, brag about, write about your achievements, the best qualities? But who needs them, your qualities. All these "we", "our company", "strive to take care of", "satisfy individually", "fall asleep and wake up with thoughts about the client" and the other nonsense interests no one. Clients do not care about your dynamic professional team, especially when they first enter the site. They are interested in their business, their profit, the solution of their problems, their young team.

The page "About the company" should not tell about your company. The visitor should find here information about himself, about his interests and needs. He should know how you solve his problems and why you will definitely do it. Creating the page "About us", remember: in fact, it is called "About you". About them: favorite, desirable, loyal, capricious, generous, thrifty customers.

And now a little cognitive dissonance and schizophrenia. The page "About the company" should tell about your company. Well, as without it? Do not look for contradictions here and do not rush to call the orderlies. It's simple: first of all, the “About Us” page should tell about the client and his interests, and secondly about your business and dynamic professionalism.

How is this possible in practice? You probably wrote something about the creative approach. So turn on creativity. First of all, tell the client about it. The consumer must be a figure, and you will have to remain a background, be present between the lines, tell about yourself in deeds, and not in words. Remember the English saying about gentlemen? So called people who never use the word "gentleman." Keep this in mind: talk about your company, talking about the client and his needs.

The step-by-step text creation algorithm "About Us" is described below. However, do not consider it a dogma. You can change the logic of presentation and the order of semantic blocks. If you delete some items and add your own, nothing terrible will happen. It is enough to adhere to the principles described above.

How to write the text "About the company"

It’s said above that the purpose of the "About Us" page is to show the client that you understand his needs and can satisfy them. To achieve this result, solve the following problems.

1. Show the customer that you understand their needs.

Once on the page "About the company", the visitor should see that you know his needs. Try the following tricks:

  • Engage in dialogue with the client. Ask questions, discuss the most common answers. Address the visitor, greet him on the site.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of customer needs. For example, tell a story. Once you did not have a stool. You did it yourself and realized that you can improve people's lives. Since then, you make cool stools.
  • Answer common questions that consumers have. Say a few words about the benefits of your product.

2. Show that you can solve customer problems

You need to by all means interest customers with your product and business. However, do not rush to talk about yourself. You will need empathy. What does this mean in practice? You have to convince the client that he cannot live without you and your product. However, do it delicately. Do not push, do not brag, do not be like charismatic believers who carry the good news to people who are pulling string bags from the bazaar. Try the following tricks:

  • Tell success stories about using your product.
  • Unobtrusively emphasize the unique qualities of your product and explain the benefits that the consumer receives.
  • Draw portraits of typical customers who successfully use your product.

Note again: at this stage, you should interest the client with your product and business. However, the consumer must remain in the spotlight.

3. Confirm your competence

A normal customer always doubts. The task of the business is to dispel these doubts. For this, any social evidence will do: consumer reviews, diplomas, high rankings, a list of clients with a name.

Observe the main principle of creating texts for the page "About the Company": talk about yourself, keeping the focus of the client and his interests. Here are some ideas:

  • Engage the client with the opportunity to work with a company whose clients are Microsoft and Gazprom.
  • Surprise the consumer with the availability of the product, the creator of which is among the top 5 multiverse companies.
  • Show live reviews of famous customers.
  • Refer to the studies and case studies.

4. Show yourself

Your task is to show potential clients that they will work with real people, and not with faceless managers, differing from each other in sequence numbers. Use the following ideas:

  • Show photos and biographies of employees.
  • Share informal videos and photos with your employees. Corporate holidays, workflow, unscheduled blitz interviews - everything fits.
  • Tell us about your views and principles. Just do not slip into the banal "our credo - day and night to think about the client." It is better to ask key employees to tell about their views on business, musical tastes, literary preferences.

5. Sell something

How about subscribing to an email newsletter or joining a group on a social network? After visiting the page "About the company" the user must take with him a constant contact with your company. Try these ideas:

  • Offer to subscribe to the newsletter in exchange for a free book.
  • Promise everyone who joined the social groups a bonus.
  • Try to interest the user in discussions on your forum or blog.

You know exactly what should not be the page "About Us"

Your customers do not need boring stamped texts, boasting, information about your exclusivity and uniqueness. Dance from this stove: tell consumers what they want to hear. Put the visitor in the spotlight and build a story about your business around him. By following this principle, you can choose any form of narration, content types, and presentation styles.

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