Laughter is infectious, or why your marketing strategy just can't do without humor

What unites sites, and That's right, they all contain all sorts of humorous content: from jokes and demotivators to memes. But besides this, they have one more common feature: they devour our precious time, which we could spend on fulfilling our official duties.

Well, admit it, for sure you often hang on these sites during working hours, thinking to yourself: “If only the chef would not catch me!” And some even sit there for days on end. These entertainment sites are like a drug: visiting them, you lose touch with reality, and everything that happens around you ceases to interest you. You do not notice how time flies: it seems to you that you are on the site for just an hour, and it is already 4 in the morning ... The only thing that spoils your mood the next day is a terrible pain in your jaw. No wonder, because you laughed like crazy all night ...

If you are familiar with the situation described above, for sure you will agree that humor, indeed, has an incredibly attracting force. Just look at the traffic of the above sites, and everything will become clear. According to statistics from Rambler Top 100, the average number of views of the site is almost 2 million, and on this figure has already exceeded 2 million. Impressive?

In fact, these sites are very useful for content marketing specialists and copywriters. They clearly show that humor can give a text a highlight and make it brighter, livelier, more interesting. And, in the end, everyone will win: your site visitors will get positive emotions, and you will get higher profits, because your posts will become even more popular due to humor.

The following are five reasons that explain why humor is so important for content marketing and how it can turn your content into a “candy.”

1. With humor, the text becomes more lively and interesting.

Remember how in school you were forced to study classics, for example the works of William Shakespeare or Leo Tolstoy? Admit that many of you read them under the lash - just to get a normal grade in literature. Of course, both Shakespeare and Tolstoy are among the most prominent writers in the history of mankind. However, few people read their works with pleasure, because they are written in complex language and contain very little humor.

The same thing happens with your content. People do not want to spend their time reading texts that seem too formal and difficult for them to understand (of course, given that this is not a scientific article or any other genre of literature that does not initially assume the presence of humor and colloquial phrases). They want more fun in the articles: clear and lively language, humor and irony. Do not refuse them in this, and the results will not keep you waiting.

2. Humor is more interesting than politics.

Practice shows that funny content attracts more attention. For example, in the world of Twitter, you will gain great popularity if you share with your readers fun and funny content, not news of politics and economics. It is not by chance that Mikhail Galustyana has almost five (!) Times more followers on Twitter than RIA-News agencies - 1,521,849 and 321,602, respectively.

Consider another illustrative example. You've probably heard about how a burger king Twitter account came under attack in February of this year. The scammer who hacked into the famous diner’s account not only stated that from now on the owner of the Burger King restaurant chain is McDonald’s, but also wrote a number of obscene tweets. This news caused a stir among Internet users - not only in America, but throughout the world. Why all? Because it seemed to everyone unexpected and funny. As a result, this situation has played into the hands of the Burger King company: the number of its followers on Twitter has increased by as many as 30 thousand! I immediately recall the phrase: there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.

3. Humor increases the speed of content distribution.

Surely, your fellow students often filmed you on a video camera while studying at the university to keep these records for memory. Among them, there will definitely be a video in which you made it, to put it mildly, not very well: perhaps on that ill-fated day, your pants broke or you behaved foolishly. You even forgot about the existence of this video, and suddenly your “friend” from somewhere digs it out and decides to upload to Facebook. To your great horror, this video is gaining an incredibly huge amount of rassharivaniya, likes and comments in just a couple of hours. You are just beside yourself with rage, you are really ready to “kill” your friend, but it's too late ... If you managed to avoid this fate, then you are lucky. However, some people have less luck, and they can not avoid shame on the entire Internet.

So why do these videos fly across the Internet in minutes? The secret is simple: there is something special about them, which is why people unwittingly want to click on the Share button or Retweet button (the so-called virality effect). Perhaps this video is unusual, obscene, or insane, but one thing remains the same: in almost all cases, it makes you smile or laugh.

Of course, we do not recommend you shoot yourself on the camera in indecent form and share this video on social networks in order to get as many “likes” as possible. Everything is much simpler: create interesting and unique content with elements of humor, and then you will definitely get the desired popularity in the network.

4. Humor helps remember information

Do you know that there is a underarm snuffer profession (!), Or that a cat holds the post of mayor in one of the towns of Alaska? Personally, we had no idea about this until we looked at the site Why are these facts so firmly entrenched in our memory? There are two reasons for this: firstly, this information is interesting and fascinating; secondly, they are presented in such a way that it is simply impossible not to remember them (thanks in large part to the pictures).

You can safely judge the effectiveness of content marketing strategies by how easily the Internet audience remembers your posts. So what can we recommend to you? Research, research and more research. People always like to read about something interesting and mysterious. Choose a topic that will increase their interest in the products or ideas you want to promote. Then start writing the text itself. At the same time, do not forget that it should be unusual, interesting and slightly comical.

5. Humor is always relevant.

If you create an infographic using zombie images, you will only attract people who are interested in these monsters. If you write an article, one way or another, related to rock and roll, then you will get the attention of only rock music fans. When choosing a narrow subject of content, your posts are viewed only by a limited circle of readers, and not by the entire Internet audience.

With humor, things are different - he always turns out to be the way. People constantly need new, unusual and creative reasons for laughter. That is why the song Gangnam Style has become a world hit, despite the fact that it is performed in Korean, and the unsuccessful photos of Beyonce turned into a new Internet meme, despite the precautions of its agent.


So, we found that the use of humor increases the effectiveness of content marketing strategy. Funny content increases audience reach and increases the chances of becoming popular on the web. So, start amusing your customers, and you will definitely be satisfied with the results!

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