25 best Texterra articles for 2018

By tradition, at the end of the year, everyone is summing up. It’s our turn!

In the beginning we will go through the main events that took place in the company this year.

  1. In September, we launched our own online courses and founded the TeachLine training center. They released the first stream of the courses “Internet marketing” and “Content marketing”, started the training of the second flows, and also launched the course “UX-specialist”.
  2. In October, our site passed the mark of a million visits per month. For our niche, these are huge numbers!
  3. We started to introduce new types of content: we created the game CTA Rush in a blog, published the first issue of the Man-Editor comic.
  4. They wrote the e-book "How to make a website yourself: a step-by-step guide for the humanities."

To download it, share the article about the book in social networks and you will see a download link.

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This year we made a selection of the top 25 articles from our blog, according to Google Analytics statistics.


25 most popular articles in 2018, including old materials


Promotion in Instagram: the most detailed instruction

The most detailed guide on promotion in Instagram in 2018. If you were looking for a guide from the very basics to a big promotion - this article is for you!


Registration community "VKontakte": the most detailed guide in RuNet

Updated guide to design communities "VKontakte". Added up-to-date information, told how to issue articles in the editor. Exhaustive practical material - read and immediately implement.


How to create a website on WordPress: a complete guide for beginners

In this article, you will learn how to create a WordPress site. With the help of a step-by-step guide, you will make a high-quality and functional resource suitable for attracting and converting traffic.


Promotion "VKontakte": 75 tips for the promotion of the group

In the article you will find 75 practical tips and a whole sea of ​​useful services. No water. Required reading!


Storeys on Instagram: 100+ ideas for posting

If you are not yet using "story" for promotion, arm with our superguide! More than 100 ready-made ideas - take the very best and experiment. You can apply these ideas not only for Instagram, but also for other social networks with similar formats.


Everything about SMM: 112 articles and videos that will make you a pro

The article is dedicated to everyone who is just starting to take their business to the expanses of social media. A selection of super useful articles on the topic of SMM. We did not include all social networks here, but concentrated on the most popular ones. It turned out very cool!


How to create a gif: 7 easy ways

Thanks to this article, you do not have to spend your time searching for the service you need to create servers. We have made for you a selection of the best!


How to make a cool presentation if you are not a designer

20 simple recommendations that will allow you to do a neat and modern presentation. Caution! Tips for dummies (in a good sense of the word). Professional web designers do not enter!


How to advance in Facebook: full step by step guide to the promotion of the page

We have updated our super guide on Facebook promotion: new functions and services have appeared, and some old ones, on the contrary, have stopped working. Now the information is relevant. Read and apply this knowledge in practice!


12 examples of great landings: get inspiration from professionals

In this article we have collected 12 examples of conversion landing pages, each of which has its own characteristics and chips. See, be inspired, put your favorite ideas into practice.


96 killer content ideas for social networks

The article was created to help everyone who has run out of ideas for content. Here you will find 96 cool ideas that will save you from a creative crisis.


How to open an online store in Instagram from scratch: a guide for beginners

In the article you will learn everything you need to start selling products through Instagram today.


Knowledge - strength: 90 courses on internet marketing + 5 sites for online training

The article includes a selection of training programs on integrated Internet marketing, contextual advertising, SMM, web analytics, copywriting and editing. Also a whole new section with web design courses.


Facebook Reform - Disaster for several industries

Journalist Andrei Miroshnichenko, especially for our blog, told about the reasons and consequences of the change of the algorithm in the social network Facebook.


How to work in Yandex.Direct: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

The contextual advertising system "Direct" is popular with advertisers. Therefore, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on Yandex.Direct for beginners: study and use the material in practice.


Creating a content plan for Instagram: a guide for dummies

In this article, in simple language we talk about how to create a content plan for Instagram. Read and embed immediately!


Review of 17 shareware programs for creating mind maps

What is an intelligence card, why are they needed, how to create them and how to use them? All these questions you will find the answer in our article. A detailed comparative table of applications is attached!


Advertising "Vkontakte": 100+ examples for inspiration

The article was written at the end of 2016, but still has not lost relevance. Who has a gag with invent ads? We recommend to add this material to your bookmarks and return to it for inspiration.


How to run advertising on Instagram: a detailed review

Detailed article on how to be advertising on Instagram and how to run it.


How to use Instagram for business promotion: 13 practical tips

After reading this article, you will no longer doubt the effectiveness of brand promotion on Instagram. And learn the secrets of promotion in this social network.


Detailed guide to Google AdWords (Google Ads) for beginners: how to set up contextual advertising

Read the most comprehensive guide to Google Ads / AdWords in RuNet! You will find information about AMP support as a landing page, features of work in connection with the entry into force of GDRP, the launch of the AdWords Reports tab in Google Spreadsheets tabs and other changes in beta.


What is Yandex.DZen and how to earn money on it

It's time to comprehend Zen. We have compiled for you a brief guide on the functionality of the Yandex.Dzen service.


Applications for application development: how to make an application for iOS and Android yourself

Doubt whether to invest in the development of a mobile application? It can be made independently and absolutely free. How to do it? We tell in our article.


Calls to action: 170 templates for all occasions

Simply insert your data into the templates or create your own on the basis of the existing ones and enjoy the increased activity of your users.


What is Vkontakte Targeting and How to Configure It: A Beginner's Guide

The VKontakte team is constantly working on improving the advertising office, so we updated the VKontakte targeting guide - read the actual information in the article!


Competent content marketing and updating of old materials once again led to high rates of blog traffic. We noticed a great interest in the topic of promotion in social networks, and it is not so simple. Social networks are gaining momentum and will continue to do so in the next year.

We have it all! Holiday greetings!

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