How to show ads to those who visited your Instagram profile

The big temptation is to find out who visited your profile, then to write to them in direct or show ads. But is it even visible to guests on Instagram, can this audience be used for targeting?

We tell the whole truth =)

Spying on guests vs privacy policy

Instagram guests are the users who viewed your account. It would be nice to see their profiles in response, but the social network does not allow tracking such activity. Finding guests on Instagram will not work - there are not even third-party applications and services that would allow them to see.

The exception is the story: you can always see who viewed them. But uploading users who viewed your stories is impossible.

Let it not be possible to upload a list and so see the guests on Instagram, you can set up advertising on them.

We show advertisements to business profile visitors

If you want to show ads to those who viewed your publications and wrote to direct, welcome to Ads Manager.

After selecting a goal in the audience settings, go to the "New" tab.

Then select the "Instagram Business Profile" item from Facebook sources.

You have the following ways to add users to the audience of the advertising campaign:

  1. Any visitor to your business profile.
  2. People who interacted with any publication or advertisement.
  3. People who sent messages to your business profile.
  4. People who have saved any publication or announcement.

In the settings you can specify the time period for gathering an audience.

Now it remains to specify the name and click the "Create Audience" button. Done!

Briefly about the main thing

You cannot recognize guests on Instagram, since it is impossible to track users who visit your page. But you can see those who watched your story, as well as customize ads for users interacting with a business profile.

If you want to get rid of the guests, just close the account.

Watch the video: How Many People Visited Your Profile in INSTAGRAM. (February 2020).


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